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The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair - Information and Features

If you would like something to improve your posture and relieve back problems, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is worth looking into. This is a cutting-edge product that's both an exercise ball and a chair. Your posture can have a great influence on your lumbar health and the wrong type of chair contributes to various aches and pains. This is an entirely different sort of chair that can transform how you sit. In this review, we're going to see whether the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair does what it says it will do.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair was constructed with the assistance of fitness professionals, including a well known chiropractic doctor by the name of Dr. Randy Weinzoff. It consists of the same type of balance ball that you find in any fitness center, except that it adds an adjustable back support bar to make it a real chair. While most chairs promote slouching, the balance ball chair this website helps your posture without you having to think it over. One good reason why people use exercise balls is to build core strength, and this chair also helps you in this area. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is sold with an air pump, and you will have to re-inflate it every so often.

Being seated may not appear to be a risky behavior, but studies indicate that it actually contributes to a number of health problems. For most people, though, it's difficult to escape this. Nearly all professions require us to sit at a desk almost all of the day. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is intended to make sitting a better activity. You can be focusing on your work, but the balance ball will ensure that your posture and body alignment are perfect. You should not consider this as a substitute for working out, but it's a healthy addition to it. You may see that this chair eases numerous problems you might have, like back, shoulder or neck pain.

You'll find the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair isn't right for you, based on your height and body type. Some individuals found the size of the balance ball uncomfortably small. If you check the description, it specifies that it's for folks between five feet and five eleven. You will not get much from it if you are a very tall person. diet This does exclude a number of individuals, which is unfortunate. You will need to give yourself time to become accustomed to the chair, even if you're the right height for it. A lot of people have plenty of experience with regular chairs, so this will feel quite different. Most people who aren't much too tall for it, however, find it comfortable after the adjustment period.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is a product that fulfills a specific need. Individuals who sit in chairs all day need healthier alternatives to standard chairs that promote lousy posture. diet pills A balance ball chair, however, mustn't be mistaken for a full body workout. It's a start, but you still should do more active types of exercise.


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